Visiting Hawaii, the Big Island, means stepping onto some of the newest land on earth–and onto an island that's alive and still growing. That's because Hawaii Island sits upon Kilauea Volcano, considered to be possibly the most active volcano in the world. It's been erupting continuously since 1983, adding about 500 acres of land to the island since then, and it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

In the Hawaiian tradition, eruptions are highly respected as manifestations of the fire goddess Pele. It's one of the things that makes a visit to Hawaii Island so different than travel to the other Hawaiian Islands. Only on Hawaii Island can you see, smell, and otherwise explore an active volcano, and in whatever ways are interesting to you. Maybe you're an adventurous sort who likes to, say, hike along approved trails and then view a volcano by helicopter. Or perhaps you'd prefer to check out volcanoscapes and other art by top local artists, and then dine overlooking the ethereal orange glow of a lava lake. However you prefer it, it's there.

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